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7th Annual LAFA 2022 Winners

Best of Fest 2022

Medusa - Sophie Levy

Best Narrative Feature of the Year

Nightline - Robert Sedlacek

Best Narrative Short of the Year

Mosaic - Victor Boccard

Best Indie Feature of the Year

The Crossing - Tomas Simonsen

Best Indie Short of the Year

At the Strawberry Stand - Gerald Pribek

Best Web/TV Pilot of the Year

Dungo’s Palace - Nathan H Colby

Best Web/TV Series of the Year

Why Are You Like This - Jessie Oldfield, Adam Murfet

Best Documentary Feature of the Year

This is [Not] Who We Are - Beret E Strong, Katrina Miller

Best Documentary Short of the Year

DC Shoes: This Too Shall Pass - Chris Ray, Martin Fobes

Best Animation of the Year

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Best Music Video of the Year

Aitch - Learning Curve - KC Locke

Best Student Film of the Year

Counterclock - Mara D'Alò Fonseca

Best Director of the Year (Feature)

GOD & SALSA - Jess Thomas

Best Director of the Year (Short)

Analog Rainbow - Henry Czerwonka

Best First Time Director of the Year (Feature)

Medusa - Sophie Levy

Best First Time Director of the Year (Short)

American Hero - Manny McCord

Best Actor of the Year

Mosaic - Lucas Bravo

Best Actress of the Year

Medusa - Roxane Mesquida

Best Duo of the Year

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz & Erin Clark

Best Cinematography of the Year

Mosaic - Raphaël Bourdin

Best Editing of the Year

Analog Rainbow - Garrett Satow

Best Score of the Year

The Curse Of Lughus - Tim Janssens

Best Commercial of the Year

Tainan Fantage - Jason M Tseng

Best Screenplay of the Year

Space Girl Blues - Bruce Pavalon

Best Television Script of the Year

Monstra - Samantha Garcia, Allison Garcia

Special Jury Award - Film

Implanted - Fabien Dufils

Special Jury Award - Screenplay

Recitation - Courtney Froemming

Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year

Fading Numbers - Aron Attiwell

Breakthrough Screenwriter of the Year

Stephie With A Why - Mirra Kardonne

Congratulations to the winners!


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