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LAFA Winners - January 2024


Best Picture

Common Ground - Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell

Best Narrative Feature

Coney Island Cousins - Al Padilla

Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature

Remnant Falls - Isaac Joel

Best Narrative Short

Why I Had To Kill You While You Slept - Anthony Marinelli

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

The Sandwich - Jerome Stern

Best Indie Feature

Typecast or (The Rise And Fall Of Boingman) - Mike Alexander Critelli

Honorable Mention: Indie Feature

Edwin and the Ambiguous Door - Joseph Mazzaferro

Best Indie Short

Missing (DESAPARECIDA) - Anahi G. Luna

Honorable Mention: Indie Short

George & Marcus - Neill B Barry

Best Drama

Shattered - Kory Getman

Best Comedy

Switched at Death - David Merry

Best Dark Comedy

Why I Had To Kill You While You Slept - Anthony Marinelli

Best Horror

BUBBLER - Nicholas Giombi

Best Romance Film

The Bridges We Cross - Iris van Dongen

Best Experimental Film

Diaspora Journal 001 - Chiahua Lee

Best Inspirational Film

Tiger Run: The Untold Story - Dee Brown, Omarosa Manigault Newman

Best Musical/Dance Film

More Together - Jake Foy

Best Film Noir

Under the Cover of Darkness - Ash Wing

Best LGBTQ Film

Kylie Love: True Colors - Brad Hammer

Best TV Series

Pledge: Change Is Good - Ariel K. Harris

Best Commercial

Closer To Home Than You Think. - David E Nault

Best Documentary Feature

Common Ground - Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell

Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature

I Am Not A Princess - Salvatore Assenza

Best Documentary Short

I am Gustavo - Melissa Phillips

Honorable Mention: Documentary Short

KiwiCaps Invitational - Sheena R Haywood

Best Music Video

King Of Talk - Kuo Jie Herbert Pua

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Jewel House- Where - Kirk Scully

Best Student Film

Project Postero - Siqi Wang

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Sanity - Jade Wicker

Best Director

Concrete Law - April Jones

Best First Time Director (Feature)

Switched at Death - David Merry

Best First Time Director (Short)

Frequency Over Time - Cari Sudmeier

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Short)

Sick Bone - Xiaojing Zhou

Best Young Filmmaker

Not So Happy Birthday - Sloan B Gregory

Best Actor

Typecast or (The Rise And Fall Of Boingman) - Clem Darling

Best Actress

Tell You Law —— Sliced Affection - Sie Hong Tam

Best Young Actress

Not So Happy Birthday - Sloan B Gregory

Best Score

Remnant Falls - Ronan

Inspiring Woman in a Film

Missing (DESAPARECIDA) - Mariana Sanjuan

Best Costume Design

GUNGNIR - Yuwei Hu

Best Original Story

The Pain of Being - Jes Pace

Screenplay of the Month

Momma's Advice - Kaitlyn Gatto

Best Feature Screenplay

Momma's Advice - Kaitlyn Gatto

Best Short Screenplay

The Implosion in My Mind - Tim Tobias

Best Drama Screenplay

Summer Embers - Louise Zhang

Best Comedy Screenplay

Savage Gumshoe - J.C. Wolf

Best Dark Comedy Screenplay

Your Privilege is Showing - Daniel Guyton

Best Horror Screenplay

Breaking the Curse - Lisa K. Thomas

Best Thriller Screenplay

Empire of Sin - Phillip E. Hardy

Best Action Screenplay

Marquez, Arizona - Bruno Timoteo

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Aye Ma'am - John Nicholas Varkados

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Fast Cash - Cary Lee Singleton

Best Television Script

The 100-Yard War - Cody Schlegel

Special Jury Award - Film

SWIM 62 - Mansoor Al Yabhouni Aldhaheri

Special Jury Award - Screenplay

Phantom Frequency - Scott Gordon Richards

Special Jury Award - Music Video

David Archuleta - I'm Yours - Brad Hammer

Haunting Trophies - Teaser

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Winners may order the official

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