June 2020

The Reckoning review
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Best Picture

The Reckoning

Neil Marshall

Best Narrative Feature

The Reckoning

Neil Marshall

Best Narrative Short


Reza Sam Mosadegh

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

Countless Sheep

Rhett Wellington, Riley Robbins

Best Indie Short


Alex Fedosov, Elvira Sinelnik

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Moonlight Motel

Jordan Paley


Best Drama

Hell of Mirrors

Chucky Kom, Benjamin Choi

Honorable Mention: Drama

Egg Fried Rice

Wai Kuen Fu

Best Comedy

Stick To Manual

Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold

Honorable Mention: Comedy

Anyone for President

Matt Nye

Best Dark Comedy


Boris Bilic

Honorable Mention: Dark Comedy

When Did That Happen?

Stephen Burhoe, Rafael Velasquez, Christina Hope Gonzales, Katy Tierney

Best Romantic Comedy

Lend Me Your Sugar

Geir Jardar Olsen

Best Thriller

Acid Fantasy

Lorenzo Lanzillotti

Honorable Mention: Thriller


Kevin Austra

Best Horror


Johannes Franke

Honorable Mention: Horror


Bryan Wynn Sutton, John Roche

Best Romance Film

Virtually Together

John Argelander

Honorable Mention: Romance Film


Elanor Miller

Best Sci-Fi


Emily Skye

Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi


Mattia Fiumani

Best Experimental Film


Tibor Vona

Honorable Mention: Experimental Film

The Clothes Wear You

Kitsch Doom

Best Inspirational Film


Kevin Welbeck

Best Musical/Dance Film

Let The Rest Of The World Go By

Donny Walker

Best Mystery Film

Desolation Throe

Veronika Waga, Sebastian Waga

Best Crime Film

Black & White

Wai Kuen Fu

Honorable Mention: Crime Film

Criminal Mimes

Harrison Klein

Best Action Film

Office 86

Jyo Carolino

Best Web/TV Pilot

Harbor Island

Tiffany Rhodes

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Pilot

All In Favor

Sally Lomidze

Best Web Series


Jarard Kings

Best Documentary Feature


O'Neil Bürgi

Best Documentary Short

Sonya Slidez

Abbey Spacil

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Rhyme and Poetry

Dennis Chehade

Best Animation

Stick To Manual

Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold

Honorable Mention: Animation


Chong Liu, Kuan Ting Lu, Han Chen Chang

Best Music Video

Bukahara - Happy

Susanne Frericks, Stefan Wiesner, Rick Schepkers, Dennis Weber, Annalena Sekula, Min Tesch, Leni Wolf, Boban Milosevic


Honorable Mention: Music Video


Manuel Yasir Baldoceda Cerdán


Best Student Film

Pork Chop

Katherine Guggenberger

Honorable Mention: Student Film


Manyu Yang

Best Microfilm

Tapped Out

Logan Webb

Best Director (Feature)

The Reckoning

Neil Marshall

Best Director (Short)

Black & White

Wai Kuen Fu

Honorable Mention: Director

The Train to Qinling

Shir Baron

Best First Time Director

Silent Starling

Sam Burke

Honorable Mention: First Time Director


Lia Wang

Best Indie Filmmaker

It's That Guy!

Jean Paul San Pedro

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker


John Walbolt

Best Young Filmmaker


Kaleb Laidman

Best Actor

The Reckoning

Sean Pertwee

Honorable Mention: Actor


Robert Chestnut

Best Actress

The Reckoning

Charlotte Kirk

Honorable Mention: Actress


Charlotte Krenz

Best Actor in an Indie Film


Noah Copfer

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Baby in the Basement

Josette Aderhold

Best Supporting Actor

As the Wave Broke

Micky Jukovic

Best Supporting Actress


Jordan Wilson

Best Young Actor


Keveon Keggler

Best Young Actress

Harbor Island

Lacey Caroline

Best Child Actor

The Angel In The Globe

Emperor Kaioyus

Best Duo


Charlotte Krenz & Markus Knüfken

Honorable Mention: Duo

Countless Sheep

Marco Delvecchio & Anna Daines

Best Cinematography

The Reckoning

Luke Bryant

Honorable Mention: Cinematography


Lukas Tielke

Best Editing

The Reckoning

Neil Marshall

Honorable Mention: Editing

Acid Fantasy

Lorenzo Lanzillotti

Best Score

Stick To Manual

Frazier Smith

Honorable Mention: Score

Pork Chop

Steven Yannacone

Best Song

Always By Your Side

Katie Hardyman, Mick Evans

Inspiring Woman in a Film

As the Wave Broke

Katerina Giannakopoulou

Best Original Story

The Reckoning

Neil Marshall, Charlotte Kirk, Edward Evers-Swindell

Honorable Mention: Original Story


Andrew T. Horng

Screenplay of the Month

Evolution Zero

Madeline Rooks

Best Feature Screenplay

Evolution Zero

Madeline Rooks

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

In the Land of Angels

Rich Vincent, Jacob Vincent

Best Short Screenplay

Fog of War

Steven Lundgren

Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay


Don Willis

Best Drama Screenplay


Damien Mulvany

Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay

Great Again

Jessi Thind, Mathieu Larivere

Best Comedy Screenplay

It's Just A Game

Jim Norman

Honorable Mention: Comedy Screenplay

Power Move

Michael Ellis

Best Action Screenplay

Black Rose

Uzair Merchant

Best Dark Comedy Screenplay

Super Turbo Overdrive

Peter Hsieh

Best Thriller Screenplay

Evolution Zero

Madeline Rooks

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Mars is Ours

Clifford David Paris

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Good Grief

Emily Rued

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

The Dead Collector

Rajiv Kachappilly

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Countless Sheep

Rhett Wellington

Best Television Script

The Fairy Godmother's Apprentice

Leslie Bloom, Todd Naylor




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