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Film Review: Platonic

Platonic is an independent short film, written and directed by David Leidy. The story follows Aubrey (Dasha Leidy), as she discovers a pregnant woman in her house. The film crosses multiple genres - it's a mix of Mystery-Crime film with Neo-Noir style and Experimental elements. 

The techniques used in the film fit the Neo-Noir genre, from the lighting and shadows to the ringing phone motif.  Other elements, such as the repeating superimpose effect and editing style give the film the freedom of expression that exists in experimental films. These represent the complexity of Aubrey's mind.  The story is very well written. The opening scene introduces Aubrey, played by Dasha Leidy, in a sex scene that leaves the audience with many questions about the main character. As the story progresses, other characters, interactions and conflicts reveal important details, which eventually, make up the complete puzzle. 

David Leidy is a natural storyteller and a talented director. Creating such a complex low-budget project is never easy. As the writer and director, Leidy was able to bring the idea to life in his own creative and unique way.  In addition to the ​excellent story and direction, the entire cast and crew helped to bring the director's vision to life. From the performances (Dasha Leidy as Aubrey and Rebecca Spiro as Carol were fantastic) to the lighting, cinematography (Derek Means and David Leidy), editing (Dylan Riviera), and score (Ezra Reich)- everyone should be proud of the outcome.  Platonic won Best Experimental Film and Best Film Noir at LAFA in May 2019

Platonic - Teaser

About the director: David Leidy is an award-winning filmmaker (Best Director, Best Cult Classic Film, Best Story, Best Editor, Best Noir and Best Mystery Film Award Winner at multiple festivals among many more awards) and experienced founder (Founder of Eidetic Pictures and Founding Member of revived film society Delta Kappa Alpha where Spielberg, Hitchcock, Arthur Miller and Lucille Ball were members) with a drive to share daring stories that challenge modern perceptions and beliefs.


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