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LAFA Winners - January 2022


Best Picture

Dreams of Daraa - Reilly Dowd

Best Narrative Feature

GOD & SALSA - Jess Thomas, Anayancy Thomas

Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature

Girl in the Palms - Jon Russel Cring

Best Narrative Short

Breathless - Wayne Yu

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

Geography of the Heart - Alexandra Billington

Best Indie Film

La Petite Mort - Nicole Zhou

Honorable Mention: Indie Short

Thony's Eyes - Dr. Melissa E Tate-Scruse

Best Drama

Skylark - Béla Paczolay

Honorable Mention: Drama

Before or After - Surender Singh

Best Dark Comedy

In The Woods With A Dead Dog - Vera Graziadei

Honorable Mention: Dark Comedy

The Dick Pic Bandit - Jacob Mullen, Dan Nguyen

Best Sci-Fi

S.U.P.E.R - Thorbjörn Eklund

Best Experimental Film

Saudade - Kesava Geeta Kumar

Best Inspirational Film

The Real You - Joel Cartier

Best LGBTQ Film

Girl in the Palms - Jon Russel Cring

Best Web/TV Pilot

PARADOX - Vasilis (Billy) Blioumis

Best Docudrama

Breaking Through - Amy Leigh McCorkle, Tim Druck

Best Documentary Feature

Dreams of Daraa - Reilly Dowd

Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature

The Five Priests - Chris Charles Scott

Best Documentary Short

Once upon a bridge in Vietnam - François Bibonne

Honorable Mention: Documentary Short

The Prism for Post Corona - Seung-il Chon

Best Music Video

Dead Of The Night - Minh Huynh

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Desert Moonlight - Brad Tobler

Best Student Film

Fallen Angel - Taylor Marie James

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Wheat - Jonny Berkowitz

Best Director (Feature)

GOD & SALSA - Jess Thomas

Best Director (Short)

Lifeblood - Nicholas Tory

Honorable Mention: Director

Home - Yang Yang

Best First Time Director

Lifeblood - Nicholas Tory

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Motive - Alejandro Lozano

Best Indie Filmmaker

Diminished - Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

Fishing - Junxu Chen

Best Young Filmmaker

Partners in Crime - Molly Sasso

Best Actor

Mosaic - Lucas Bravo

Honorable Mention: Actor

Chatter - Richmond Parakhen

Best Actress

GOD & SALSA - Jovanna Vidal

Best Supporting Actress

Girl in the Palms - Michalina Scorzelli

Best Child Actor

Wheel Gone Kid 2 - Reece Jagpal-Mohan

Best Duo

Fallen Angel - Ian Peterson & Kaitie Cavataio

Best Cinematography

Mosaic - Raphaël Bourdin

Best Editing

The Cage - Hengrui Zhang

Best Score

Dreams - Walther Neto

Honorable Mention: Score

Composition - Louis Palfrey

Best Sound Design

Breathless - Wei Zhang

Honorable Mention: Sound Design

Saudade - Karthik Mohan

Inspiring Woman in a Film

Dominate - Cynthia Aldrich

Best Visual Effects

The Cage - Hengrui Zhang

Best Virtual Reality

Hop Step Sing! Happy People - Hiroshi Chida

Best Original Story

GOD & SALSA - Jess Thomas, Anayancy Thomas

Screenplay of the Month

True Hell - Greg Kousoulis

Best Feature Screenplay

Passion Fruit - Samuel Frederick Ashkenazy

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

Your Face Is A Country - John McCloskey

Best Short Screenplay

Airborne - Kiley Rothweiler

Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay

Something for the Weekend - Nicola Morris, Rupert Bogarde

Best Drama Screenplay

In the Hollow of the Human Heart - Christopher Nunnally

Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay

Mano Nera - Samantha Caprio-Negret, Richard Price Sorin

Best Comedy Screenplay

Marry Me Man - Jordan Andrew Oliver

Best Horror Screenplay

True Hell - Greg Kousoulis

Honorable Mention: Horror Screenplay

Possum Man - Eddie Yaroch

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

g-Men - Paul Loeschke, Walter Bauer

Best Fantasy Screenplay

Rainbow Crystal - Samantha Caprio-Negret

Honorable Mention: Fantasy Screenplay

The Crux of the Angst - John McCloskey

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

The Six Sides of Truth - Janet Walker

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Ratings War - Robert Haus

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Earthworm - Maria Telnikoff

Best Television Script

Reality of the Future - Zoe Quist, Daniel Lawrence Abrams

Honorable Mention: Television Script

Nutt To Butt - Matthew Domenico, Katherine Connor Duff

Special Jury Award

The Fighting First - Alex Peter Stephens

Special Jury Award

Invincible - Andreas Nelander

Special Jury Award

Close My Eyes - Viktor Jonsson

Special Jury Award

ELYAZ - Remember Home - Mauro Elias Morone

Special Jury Award

James Marriott - Gold - Ted Nivison

Special Jury Award

Chatter - Richmond Parakhen, An Da, Connor Truax

Special Jury Award

Crabs in a Bucket - Alex Hashim

Skylark - Official Trailer

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Winners may order the official

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