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Film Review: Fatal Perfection

It’s always exciting to read a new screenplay, let alone by a LAFA Winner. 

Earlier this year Konstantinos Pateronis  won 3 awards with “All or Nothing”, including Best Film Noir. The story of “All or Nothing” takes place in a small town, where there is corruption and the strongest one dominates the rest. A group of childhood friends that struggle to make ends meet, get set up and disrespected by a thug, finding themselves against a local drug lord. They have got each other’s backs and they will fight to the death, if they must. The themes of the film are brotherhood and respect, and you can guess it involves lots of action.

In stark contrast, Pateronis’ new story, “Fatal Perfection” takes us to the Greek Mythology, and tells the untold (and twisted) story of Narcissus. During the American Revolution and while the people fight for their freedom, Narcissus pays attention only to his beauty, without knowing that it can be fatal. 

"Fatal Perfection" won an Honorable Mention: Screenplay Short at LAFA in September 2018. 

In “Fatal Perfection”, Narcissus’ father Cephissus is ready to make a match between his son and Echo, the younger daughter of the Jackson family. The problem? Narcissus has a different plan. 

Beyond the excellent structure and pacing, the story was intriguing throughout, with complications, hints and conflicts. Each character had their own unique voice (especially Narcissus, obviously), and the build-up of the tension was precise and clever, using continuous ringings and twists. Fatal Perfection excels in turning a famous story from the Greek Mythology into a refreshing and intriguing drama that is relevant to our generation. 

Unlike most protagonists, you can’t really relate to Narcissus. Not that it was Pateronis’ purpose. Just like in the Myth, Narcissus is a selfish & arrogant man who is full of himself and doesn’t care about anyone… Well, except… No, we can’t reveal any more. You’ll have to read it yourself, or wait for the movie!

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"I want to make people feel they are part of the story" - Read this interview with Konstantinos Pateronis


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