6th Annual LAFA 2021 Nominations

LAFA is pleased to announce its full slate of nominees for 2021.

Best of Fest 2021

Green Flake - Mauli Junior Bonner

Second Team - Ria Pavia

RED - David Newton

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Latasha Harlins - Shannon Dion

Patio of Illusion - Shangshi Chen

Chic awi - Pierre Khadra

Ernie - Ray Panthaki

The Ravine - Keoni Waxman, Robert Pascuzzi

Incognito - Jacky Song

There You Are - Rui Huang

We're All In This Together - Katie Boland

Best Narrative Feature

Rage - John Balazs

Green Flake - Mauli Junior Bonner

All Aboard! - Seiichi Hishikawa

The Colour of Spring - Paul Andrew Kimball

The Chosen Path - Eric Iglesias

Patio of Illusion - Shangshi Chen

The Alpines - Dante Aubain

The Runner - Michelle Danner

The Ravine - Keoni Waxman, Robert Pascuzzi

Kaunn Con Haii? - Ashrit Wadhwa

Now is Now - Peter Szajki

Love Laboratory - Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang

Best Narrative Short

Hands Up - Angela White

Second Team - Ria Pavia

RED - David Newton

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Latasha Harlins - Shannon Dion

How To End A Conversation - Gregory JM Kasunich

Sunshine In The Rain - Benny Chen

Ernie - Ray Panthaki

Bird Feeder - Jack Fay

Incognito - Jacky Song

R[evol]ution Of Love - Louise Hylland

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Best Indie Feature

Making Lemonade: Our COVID-19 Story - Chris Francis

Sweet Taste of Souls - Terry Ross

The Waiting Game - Kyle Weingart

Ezra and the Unicorn - Timothy A Coons

Jiyan - Otis Birdy

The Strange Case of Henry Jekyll & Edward Hyde - Laura Ilinca

The Alpines - Dante Aubain

The Anthology Of Julius - Ofu Obekpa

In Pieces - Louis Rayneau

I'm Sorry Darby - Alex Newberry

Spiritual Journey the Journey Within - Philip Petrosky, Diana Lyr

Alone - Peter Molnar

Best Indie Short

Andean Condor - William Mazzola

First Kiss - Caroline Patz

Gunther - Ryan Rowley

Star Child - Alex Guéry

Asiago Kills! - Cristian Tomassini

Awakened - Yulian Mateo

Dear Vivian - Daleelah Sada

Paper Airplane - Mingjie Tang

NEA[R] - Gioele Fazzeri

Shift - Chad Crenshaw, Davis DeRock

Private Chat - Joe Bowden, Ashley Mellinger

Becoming You - Daniel Sadler, Erica Rowe

Best Web/TV Pilot

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles - Emilie Tommasi

NOC - Non-Official Cover - Ian Voglesong

Reserve Psychology - Jordan Drake

The University - Juliana Roth

Daddydelphia - Harold Eric

Sugar - Joyce Keokahm

Safu - Funge and Sashimi - Wilson Mbiavanga

Audition - Cosimo Tucci

Hudson Falls - Elias Plagianos

River City - Jal Michael, RC Nelson

Gangsta Island - Ken Lewis

The Hunt For Salamander - Dimitar Dimitrov

Best Web/TV Series

Doin' Great - Jake Diamond

Jade & Jaded - Sarah Franco

The Anomalous - Chinedu Omorie

All In 3: A Fikowski & Vellner Documentary - S.J. Finlay

Afsos - Anubhuti Kashyap

Undateable - Matt Mahaffey, Brittany Bookbinder

Trending Today - James Desir, Brad Bode

A Frantic Love 3 - Gary Tucker, Adrian Ferrara

Zoom Therapy - Layla Warren, Chris Warren, Jonno Roberts

Incompleteness - David Ash

Call Center - Brendan Daugherty

My Human Experience - Aimee Dansereau, Sarah Cooke, Sylvia Ray

Best Documentary Feature

Mountain Symphonies - Vangelis Ethymiou

The Conscience of Clothing - Patrick Kohl

The Earned Life - Patryk Wezowski, Kasia Wezowski

The Sporting Bubble - Peter Dickson

Wim Wenders, Desperado - Eric Friedler, Andreas Frege

Candidato 34 - Ryan Marley

Dear Thalia - Rex Moribe

The Saviour: Brig. Pritam Singh - Dr. Paramjeet Singh Kattu

Wildflower - Matt Smukler

Tomorrow: Women|Murder|Redemption - Renford Reese

The Ripple Effect - Peter Dickson

Broken Chains - Michael Lints, Aaron Stewart

Best Documentary Short

Breathe, Nolan, Breathe - Daniel Catullo

A Fifth Season - Emma Forthofer

The Reason - Noah Conopask

Story of the Opal - Rick Cavaggion

PNW Indy Wrestling Spotlight - ShanzDev, Marc LeCuyer

Home: The Homelessness Crisis in North Dakota (Chapter 2) - Sonya Jensen

Growing On Two Wheels - Bertrand Lemeunier

Aftermask - Anton Josef

Kintsugi: Nagasaki - Candice Kumai, Carlos Garcia DeDios

January 6 - Nicholas Quested

Breathe - Jordan Settembrini & Justin Settembrini

Vision - Sergey Filatov

Best Animation

Thatching Eggs - Max Marlow

Friends With Death - Jim McKenzie

Tricked - Mengyuan Guo, Naicheng Liu, Suhn Young Chung

QingFeng Wu - Spaceman - Muh Chen

A Walk - Zhehao Qiao

Contagious - Brian Schmidt

Hope - Abdulla Al-Janahi

Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate - Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan

Dr. Sun - Hsu Michael, Chen Jing Lian

//Blinded - Baptiste Leroux

There You Are - Rui Huang

Synthetic Me - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Music Video

TOM And His Computer "Future Ruins" - Martin Garde Abildgaard

One Thing - Kevin Hawkins ft Moe3 - Manny Fresco, Rodney Pinz, Kevin Hawkins

Rainie Yang - Like a Star - Muh Chen

S.H.E. - 17 - Muh Chen

Street Spirit - Vicente Cordero

What Happened to Stephanie? - Ciro Ayala

Dalida Khalil - Chic Awi - Pierre Khadra

Szabó Ádám feat Curtis - That's how I am - Jimy J. Hollywood

Someone - Strange World - David Spearing, Tessa Rose Jackson

Jordan Hart - "Freedom" - Michael Joseph McDonald, Joe Bluhm

Jane Leo - "Tell Me" - Gille Klabin

KILL - BURN - Adam Hayes, Nick Hayes

Best Student Film

The River Will Carry Them - Keyi Zhang

Cocoon - Maxfield Cooper Smith

Dead Girl - Lloyd Briggs

Summer Revenge - Fang Weihan

Good Thing Going - Reece Daniels, Jivensley Alexis

Burn down - Wang Xinyan

Life Was Wonderful - Toy Alan

Not One More - Cameron Leingang

Mountain - Yuwei Du, Chuanqi Liang, Zefan Wang

Still With You - Ryan Livesay

The Cry Of Silence - Mara Cracaleanu

Between Us - Antonio Mendes

Best Director (Feature Film)

Green Flake - Mauli Junior Bonner

The DS King - Doret van der Sloot

The Chosen Path - Eric Iglesias

The Colour of Spring - Paul Andrew Kimball

A Perfect Vintage - Troy Christian

Righteous Villains - Savvas D. Michael

Beijing 120 - Yu Yiping

Love Laboratory - Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang

Patio of Illusion - Shangshi Chen

The Alpines - Dante Aubain

Beautiful Lure - Hiroshi Akabane

The Runner - Michelle Danner

Best Director (Short Film)

Monstrus Circus - Jordan Inconstant

The Witches of Bushwick - Catherine Delaloye

RED - David Newton

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

To Planet 2000 - Changyi Yu

The Two Missing Hours - Jean Claude Thibaut

Dress - Paulina Lagudi Ulrich

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Shift - Katie Cleese

Incognito - Jacky Song

R[evol]ution Of Love - Louise Hylland

From Under The Bridge - Paul James Houghton

Best First Time Director (Feature)

Harmonie - Juana Jimenez

Love is in the Legend - Myra Lewis

Higher Grounds - Stuart Svenson

Jiyan - Otis Birdy

Outlier - Nate Strayer

Love Laboratory - Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang

The Alpines - Dante Aubain

Resemblance - Jumpoth Ruayjaroensap

In Pieces - Louis Rayneau

Green Flake - Mauli Junior Bonner

Kaunn Con Haii? - Ashrit Wadhwa

We're All In This Together - Katie Boland

Best First Time Director (Short)

Aborted Traffick - Bea W. Bliss

Meanwhile At A Cabin Somewhere Near Fairplay, CO - Michael Chenette

Madness - Nicolaus Taylor

The Ultimate Showdown - Robert Bazzocchi, Thomas L. Colford

Between the Creag and the Sky - Kurt Gerard Heinlein

Soundproof - Gabriela Lima

Sunshine In The Rain - Benny Chen

Nostalgia - McFloyd Nguyen

False Dawn - Remco Texer

Coffee and Cake - Manuel Endraß

Hanakotoba - Franck Lahoui, Jowkid

From Under The Bridge - Paul James Houghton

Best Actor

Green Flake - Yahosh Bonner

Cocoon - Christopher Brian

RED - Beau Fowler

The BIG Rant - Poorva Wachh

Delight - Paul Snodgrass

Patio of Illusion - Kalok Tang

The Ice Cream Stop - Thai Edwards

Ernie - Paul Kaye

The Ravine - Eric Dane

Immortal - Oscar Millar

Signals - Jonathan Lindsey

From Under The Bridge - Luc Clopton

Best Actress

Wireless - Annaliese McGuire

Mourning Meal - Ruya Koman

When the Leaves Fall - Morgan Lavenstein

Ali's Realm - Nicole Elizabeth Berger

Latasha Harlins - Rayven Symone Ferrell

The Two Missing Hours - Alisyon Le Borges

The Letter - Micharn Pollock

The Village of Nobody - Yang Wang

The Ravine - Teri Polo

Incognito - Autumn Harrison

Now is Now - Kátya Tompos

We're All In This Together - Katie Boland

Best Duo

Thick as Thieves - Revell Carpenter & Luke Lenza

Debt Men - Travis Myers & Alex Desért

Locked - Alina Person & Simone Gallo

Amazing Grace - Robert Craighead & Nina Brissey

Between the Creag and the Sky - Kathryn Harter & Ed Swidey

A Lion's Heart - Kevin Kapellas & Sara Nunez

Dress - Tess Sullivan & Madeline Dennison

2020: A 1917 Parody - Colton Eschief Mastro & Michael Lieberman

Bird Feeder - Howard Raik & Arlene Arnone

Anomaly - Roberto Calvet & Fleur Geffrier

Hanakotoba - Lena Shan & Frédéric Chau

Beta - William Nicol & Aubree Lea Bouche

Best Ensemble

The Letter - Mike Palmer, Madison Spear, Maray Ayres, Krystal Beyer, Ray Holdridge

The Witches of Bushwick - Chloe Farnworth, Catherine Delaloye, Marianne Noscheze, Alina Carson, Charly Bivona

Hudson Falls - Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht, William Sadler, Robert John Burke, Chike Okonkwo, Tara Westwood

Good Monsters - Florian Maria Sumerauer, Peter Geisberg, Leif Evers, Florentine Schara, Julia Zimth

Pretty Metal - Angela Cole, Lina Edwards, Katelynn Newberry

The Alpines - Aaron Latta-Morissette, Mally Corrigan, Katrina Flick, Jessie Mac, Niguel Quinn, Michael Taveira, Daniel Victor

Green Flake - Yahosh Bonner, Kevin Goertzen, Stephen Jones, Clotile Farkas, Malachi Bonner, Michaelyn Oby

The Ravine - Eric Dane, Teri Polo, Peter Facinelli, Leslie Uggams, Byron Mann

Spread - Juston Graber, Drew Anthony, Rachel Alig, Jesse Tayeh, Mandeep Bevli, Ashley Alva

Incognito - Tom Wade, Autumn Harrison, Jodi Bianca Wise, Greg Kriek

Patio of Illusion - Tang Eugene Ka Lok, Tang Ka Ian, Chon Hin Wai, Li Le Zhi, Zhang Jia Le, Vania Vieira, Tam Ip Cheong, Zhou Qi Yang, Gao Jing

Best Cinematography

Twiceborn - Koichi Kimura (J.S.C.)

Second Team - Robert Arnold

RED - Mark Nutkins

The Remnant - Russ De Jong

Mahanati (Great Actress) - Dani Sanchez-Lopez

Righteous Villains - Andreas Neo

Jolin Tsai - Sweet Guilty Pleasure - Kedy Yu

All Blood Runs Red - Eric Dumont

Shift - Daniel Watt

Incognito - Logan Fulton

R[evol]ution Of Love - Sophie Caroline Gohr

We're All In This Together - Colin Hoult

Best Editing

Green Flake - Katec Ruiz

Second Team - Spider Chambers

Higher Grounds - Jose Guardia Davis

XIETY - Carlos Torres, Karen Torres

Glitches - Annie Chen

Tinhead - Zhe Song

Life Was Wonderful - Sarah Leeper

Incognito - Mengfang Yang

Signals - Bryan Wynn Sutton

Immortal - Lawrence Murphy

Hanakotoba - Franck Lahoui

Captive - Philip Habeger

Best Score

Green Flake - Jonathan Keith, Norbert Farkas

The Witches of Bushwick - Daniele Panza

RED - Nina Humphreys

The Great Artist - Richi Carter

Latasha Harlins - Dennis McCarthy

Moving Art: Whales and Dolphins - Alan Williams

Intermission - Sean Tinnion

Ernie - Dan Baboulene

The Ravine - James Murray

Immortal - Oscar Millar

Beta - Emiliano Mazzenga

Eagle Wings - Chuck Nnamdi Okudo

Best Screenplay

Heaven Schmevin - Jim Norman

Write or Die! - Christine O'Keefe

The Devil's Stick - Tom Bruno, Chris Reina

Ten Commands - Girault Seger

The Lies We Tell Ourselves - Courtney Froemming

Ranger - Mason Beals

Long Term Stay - Ryan Nemeth

Haven - Karen Conley

Mattress - Tracy Morse, Sophia Porter

Rails Run Parallel - Orso Vesperini, Guy Laudereau, Aurèle N’Dja, Terry Newman, Carole Starcevic Serial - Robert Benjamin

As Time Goes By - Jon Davis

Best Television Script

Multiplex - Jennifer Milne

Imagination Park - Episode 1 - The Audition - Barry J. Smith

Land of Eagles - Isaac Banuelos

Walls&Balls - Kenneth Klein, Irwin Hahn

Charlotte Tanner - Beth Armogida

You, Me & The Ex - Rhys Freeman

Non-Official Cover - Jodi Shelton, Hudson Shelton

The Great Danes - James Gaffney

Gloom - Leor Zinati

Natural History - Stephen John Tantoco

Fruition of the Damned - Jeremy MacKinnon, Keenan Carola

Missing In Plain Sight - Gary St. Martin

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