Valentine's Day Special Screening

Thank you for watching the films. We hope that you had a romantic Valentine's Day!

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Director: J Mitchel Reed

Starring: Simon Paluck, Abigail Winter

Country: Canada

17 year old Emma and Jayson are brought together through two different medical diagnoses, which leads to a discovery of love, happiness and the importance of letting go.


Director: Michael Wong

Starring: Dongjun Han, Zhiqi Zhuang

Country: China

How much is a promise worth these days? An aspiring fashion designer finds out when she has to choose between fulfilling her promise and realising her dream.

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Director: Sophie Black

Starring: Jonny McPherson, Holly Rushbrooke

Country: UK

Night Owls is a story of two lost souls coming together, and discovering an instant connection. Teenage runaway Mari Miller breaks into the large, inherited house of thirty-something David Kenton (known as 'Kent'), a reclusive man who has been living there alone for years. Kent reluctantly allows Mari to shelter in his house until the rain stops; throughout the course of this single stormy night, both Mari and Kent open up about their equal disdain for their lives, and build the type of natural friendship both were sorely missing. 

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Director: Patrick Ryder

Starring: Leila Kotori, Nadia Lamin, Alex Phillips

Country: UK

Human tells the story of Anna 'Leila Kotori', a woman lost and alone who stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, but what she discovers inside will change her life forever with the discovery of Allium the robot 'Played by Alex Phillips and voiced by Mitch Rouse'. An intelligent machine capable of learning and possibly even feeling. The pair spark up an unlikely friendship and when Anna learns of 'Mari' 'Nadia Lamin' a woman who may hold the key to all the secrets, Anna knows what she must do.

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