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Film Review: Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love is a beautifully dark trip underground. Set in a rough environment, this VR360 film provides a unique experience for the viewer, not only because of the opportunity to explore the metro in 360 degrees (claustrophobics- don't watch this), but also because of the experimental style, music, camera work, and editorial decisions. 

In his debut film, director Pavel Lamkov takes the audience on a short journey with eye-masked people who work at night when no one else is around, as they replace the ads on the wall, to the sound of upbeat music.  Beyond the creative experience, what we loved most was... the editing! Pavel Lamkov uses techniques of the experimental genre such as superimposition effect (placing a video on top of an already-existing video), using the burn tool to highlight some shots, and sound effects. All of these give the film its unique style, and let the audience feel the metro in a different way. 

Tunnel of Love is a courageous, no-budget experimental film, which makes us appreciate the director's efforts to tell a story in his own way, through his own eyes. We can't wait to see where he takes us (and the audience) next time.  Tunnel of Love won Best Virtual Reality at LAFA in May 2019. 

Tunnel of Love - Trailer

About the director: Born in Russia, living in Sweden. In 2018, Lamkov began to study for "Immersive producer" at the HVE Xenter in Stockholm. Besides studying, he is now working on creating immersive content and introducing VR for senior care centers. Tunnel of Love is Lamkov's debut film.


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