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LAFA Winners - September 2021


Best Picture

Medusa - Sophie Levy

Best Narrative Feature

Medusa - Sophie Levy

Best Narrative Short

Flower Boy - Daniel Catton, Dylan Sprayberry

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

Breaking & Entering - Michael William Hogan

Best Indie Feature

Everything I Am - Robbie Fatt

Honorable Mention: Indie Feature

Mary Tyler, Millennial - David Schrader

Best Indie Short

Shadow Glass - Jay Lee

Honorable Mention: Indie Short

Equus Landing - John Mannion

Best Drama

Flower Boy - Daniel Catton, Dylan Sprayberry

Honorable Mention: Drama

The Chosen Path - Eric Iglesias

Best Comedy

Lucky Sisters - Peilin Xie

Honorable Mention: Comedy

Pizza Boy - Paul Kruse

Best Dark Comedy

Twohey - Liam Penn, Chance McAdam

Best Parody

Burn Expert Reviews Burn Injuries in Movies - Matthew Quaid

Best Thriller

Depth of Pyaar - Mukesh Asopa

Best Horror

Spirit In The Studio Apartment - Girault Seger, Alexa Elmy

Best Romance Film

Welcome Home Ned and Wendy - Lindsey Ferguson, Jordan Plotner

Best Sci-Fi

Laephlexa - Madeleine Elaine Case

Best Inspirational Film

Living Years - Brenda Gillis

Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film

Lens - Chad Gerber

Best Musical/Dance Film

Sergi & Irina - Àlex Tejedor, Miquel Verd

Honorable Mention: Musical/Dance Film

The Well - Loretta G Thomas

Best LGBTQ Film

Arena - Myles Clohessy

Best Fantasy Film

Crimson - Keerian Flammang

Best Crime Film

To Be Melo - June Mock

Best Web/TV Pilot

Arena - Myles Clohessy

Best TV Series

Why Are You Like This - Jessie Oldfield, Adam Murfet

Best Documentary Feature

Man In The Arena - Michael Barnes

Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature

Becoming Wacky Chad - Isaac Deitz

Best Documentary Featurette

Sitting Tall: The Patrick Anderson Story - Ryan Marley

Honorable Mention: Documentary Featurette

The Collapse - Joshua Moroles, Robert Espericueta

Best Documentary Short

The Simple/Crazy Life of Henry Cole - Melvin Audaz

Honorable Mention: Documentary Short

Making A Picture - Steve Osemwenkhae

Best Animation

I Wanna Be a Tree - Chang Xu

Honorable Mention: Animation

Operation Berlin - Mat Charles

Best Music Video

Breakout - Garrett Edward Randol

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Farishton - A R Rahman

Best Student Film

Lucky Sisters - Peilin Xie

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Shallow Depths - Luke Riether

Best Microfilm

Caroline - Natalie Denise Sperl

Honorable Mention: Microfilm

The Mirage - Mamady Condé

Best Director (Short)

Twohey - Liam Penn, Chance McAdam

Honorable Mention: Director (Short)

Lucky Sisters - Peilin Xie

Best First Time Director (Feature)

Medusa - Sophie Levy

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Feature)

Red Carpet - Scott Altman

Best First Time Director (Short)

Persona - Hongjin Chen

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Short)

Korrinty - Aziz Chennaoui

Best Indie Filmmaker

Awakened - Ben Corlett

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

Leonidas - Renier Beukes

Best Young Filmmaker

The Return: A Covid-19 Story - Jeff Huang

Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker

In Scope - Peter Zhu

Best Actor

Flower Boy - Khylin Rhambo

Honorable Mention: Actor

Leader - Jack Daw

Best Actress

Medusa - Roxane Mesquida

Honorable Mention: Actress

Breaking & Entering - Kiri Hartig

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Inner Ability - Jordan Scott

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Shadow Glass - Ava Hall

Best Supporting Actress

AViL - Sarah Brown Carter

Best Young Actor

In Scope - Kaysan Dhanji

Best Young Actress

The Coin - Kiley Opsal

Best Child Actor

Depth of Pyaar - Akshay Asopa

Best Child Actress

AViL - Tehya Mae

Best Duo

Medusa - Anamaria Vartolomei & Arnaud Valois

Honorable Mention: Duo

Stage Dad - Edie Yvonne & Jb Bogulski

Best Ensemble

Depth of Pyaar - Mukesh Asopa, Siobhan Johnson, Jasmine Sawant, Akshay Asopa, Kamal Nandi, Raina Desai, Gurbir Bal Gogo, Lina Yakovlieva, Steve Kasan, Romel Harripersaud, Alina Lapteva, Yvette Haynes, Krzysztof Abbas, Magalie R Bazinet, Mahalia Sinclair Parker, Kevin Tracy

Best Cinematography

The Chosen Path - Violetta D'Agata

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

Persona - Tianqi Chen, Jason Luo, Scott Yan

Best Editing

Medusa - Sophie Levy, Sanabel Cherqaoui

Honorable Mention: Editing

Everything I Am - Robbie Fatt

Best Score

Medusa - Olivier Marguerit

Honorable Mention: Score

Between Giants - David Deaton, Maxwell Frost

Best Song

The Chosen Path - "Home" - Sergei Stern, Camila Llano

Best Virtual Reality

THE QUEST: Everest VR - Alex A Harz

Best Trailer

Bronx River - Zach Uthman, Richard Troche

Honorable Mention: Trailer

Reborn Redemption - Andrea Ward

Best Commercial

Forever Connected - Vinícius de Barros Gonçalves, Tom Silveira

Best Original Story

MEDUSA - Sophie Levy

Honorable Mention: Original Story

HEaRD - Danielle Savre, Tia Napolitano

Screenplay of the Month

Shadowmen - Dan A Loschack

Best Feature Screenplay

Lives of Red and White - Hayley Jean Reeves

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

Summer 2012 - Mohamad Alghandour

Best Short Screenplay

Not An Exit - Sid Kramer

Best Drama Screenplay

The Red Wagon - Sophia Chou, Todd Lien

Best Comedy Screenplay

Why I Had To Kill You While You Slept - Anthony Marinelli, Lisa Riva, Bradley Griffiths

Best Thriller Screenplay

Depth of Pyaar - Mukesh Asopa, Twinkle Asopa, Kyle Climans

Best Fantasy Screenplay

Shadowmen - Dan A Loschack

Best First Time Screenwriter

Legend and The Vitamites - Lisa Pha

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter

The Curb - Justin Moodie

Best Television Script

Burt & Mildred Go West - Randy Zobel

Honorable Mention: Television Script

On Patrol - Linda Rebman

Special Jury Award

The Judges - Amy Santos

Special Jury Award

Don't Change Your Husband - John McCloskey

Special Jury Award

Leader - Chris Overton

Special Jury Award

The Coin - Taylor Rountree, Luke Riether

Special Jury Award

86ED - J.J. Hendricks

Special Jury Award

Verdinger - Saschko Steven Schmid

Special Jury Award

Follow Me - Phineas Alexander

Why Are You Like This - Trailer

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