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LAFA Winners - May 2023


Best Picture

TRACKER - Mehmet Tanrisever

Best Narrative Feature

A Zebra-Riding Boy - Xiaotian Fan, Juzhi Chen

Best Narrative Short

CONFESSIONS - Evette Vargas

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

The King's Sacrifice - Raphaël Houde Belle-Isle

Best Indie Feature

BOYS - Gihyun Yang

Best Indie Short

The Magician - Lucy Owens

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Better Together - Justin Tang, Rishabh Trivedi

Best Drama

TRACKER - Mehmet Tanrisever

Best Comedy

Los Aspirantes - María Yolanda Brown Melián

Best Thriller

Phoenix Incident - Keith Arem

Best Horror

FrighTime - Sándor Gál

Best Sci-Fi

Lullaby - Xiaochen Qian

Best Experimental Film

Inside The Box - Amina Hadji, Cécile Lassonde

Best Inspirational Film

Chasing the Cure - Cyrille Njikeng, Greg Parker

Best LGBTQ Film

BOYS - Gihyun Yang

Best Web/TV Pilot

NWL: The National Wrestling League - Cam Haldeman, Damiano Fusca

Best TV Series

Reign - Mike Chaturantabut, Joe Lujan

Best Docudrama

The last voices of the great war - Andrea Benato, Marco Scattolini

Best Documentary Feature

We Have Just Begun - Michael Warren Wilson

Best Documentary Short

Pinheiro | Ep03 - All In - Thomas Dunzendorfer

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Song & Spirit - Gage Masterson

Best Animation

Modern Medicine - Ting Zhou

Best Music Video

Danger - Ned Stresen-Reuter

Honorable Mention: Music Video

The Creator's Shower - Acid Fong

Best Student Film

The Grassland Whisper - Jiaqing Lin

Best Director

Live To Farm - Jared Gagnon-Palick

Best First Time Director (Feature)

BOYS - Gihyun Yang

Best First Time Director (Short)

Live To Farm - Jared Gagnon-Palick

Best Young Filmmaker

Death in a White Dress - Sabina C. Panicker

Best Actor

CONFESSIONS - J. Mallory McCree

Best Actress

The Magician - Ruth Johansson

Best Cinematography

Layers of Lies - Mark Hobson

Best Score

SIMONA - Alex Gruz

Inspiring Woman in a Film

Goalden Girls - Shaikha Nouf AlKhalifa

Best Original Story

CONFESSIONS - Evette Vargas

Screenplay of the Month

I Know the End - Don Macanlalay

Best Feature Screenplay

I Know the End - Don Macanlalay

Best Short Screenplay

The Gambler - John J. Lynch

Best Drama Screenplay

Like Him - Brian McGrath

Best Comedy Screenplay

24 Hour Honeymoon - Christian Pendered Zur

Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay

Greetings From Jamaica - Mari SanGiovanni

Best Thriller Screenplay

A Very Bad Divorce - Niles Welikson

Best LGBTQ Screenplay

Greetings From Jamaica - Mari SanGiovanni

Best Action Screenplay

The Pickleball Killer - Jim Carroll

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Familiar Realm - Jose Montalvo

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Starship Explorer: The Alien Chef - Sebastian Binder

Mind Thief - Trailer

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Winners may order the official

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