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LAFA Winners - May 2022


Best Picture

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Clark Richey

Best Narrative Feature

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Clark Richey

Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature

X OR Y - Shadab Khan

Best Narrative Short

27 Candles - Naaji Sky Adzimah

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

Countryless Woman - Wubetu Shimelash

Best Indie Feature

BROKE(N) - Michael Schelp, Alan Younkin

Honorable Mention: Indie Feature

Lost and Found - Kevin Roman

Best Indie Short

Angel Wings - Cameron Rankin, Nick Simotas

Honorable Mention: Indie Short

Without A Stage or (something in between) - Christian Jaramillo

Best Drama

A Cry In The Dark - Rhabi Rites

Best Romantic Comedy

Bob - Drew Bierut

Best Horror

Creature - Larissa James

Best Experimental Film

Inferno - Joseph Franciosa

Best Musical/Dance Film

Nirvana - Lin Niu

Best LGBTQ Film

For I Am Dead - Al Nazemian, Patricia Delso Lucas

Best Western

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Clark Richey

Best Mystery Film

Max : Shadow of apocalypse - mr. Bouhaïk

Best Action Film

Ratavoloira - Giulio Maria Cavallini

Best Web/TV Pilot

The Pixiestick Incident - Michael Henry

Best TV Series

DOSE - Peter P Clark

Best Web Series

Metanoia - Gabrielle Reublin

Best Documentary Feature

Nasima - Heather Kessinger

Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature

The Jewish Jail Lady and The Holy Thief - Victor Velle, Nick Shanmans, Barry Rosenthal

Best Documentary Short

Tierra del Fuego - Oleksandr Lozytskyi

Best Animation

Manzanar (Yuki) - Scott Time Machine, Brad Colerick

Honorable Mention: Animation

Mr. Fluid: "Last Night" - The Works LLC & Mr. Fluid

Best Music Video

Fabulous Nuts - Jingran Damo Yang

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Wussup Wit That - Jingran Damo Yang

Best Student Film

The Struggle is Real - Shane Stanger

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Zhuazhou Ceremony - Yin Jo Ho

Best Director (Feature)

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Clark Richey

Best Director (Short)

Bob - Drew Bierut

Honorable Mention: Director

The Madness Store - Alex Guéry

Best First Time Director (Feature)

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Clark Richey

Best First Time Director (Short)

Infinity + 1 - Flo Demmer

Best Indie Filmmaker

Before A Painting - Nathan Tosoni

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

LUCHA and the EKEKO - Roger Edwards

Best Actor

Malibu Crush - James Pratt

Best Actress

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis - Amye Gousset

Best Actor in an Indie Film

LadyBug - Orlando Davis

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Tuna and Ted - Rita Jagpal-Mohan

Best Supporting Actor

For I Am Dead - Riggsby Lane

Best Young Actor

The Pixiestick Incident - Gabriel Helgeson

Best Duo

Left Behind - Savannah Gallo & Grace Farrell

Honorable Mention: Duo

Tuna and Ted - Peter McManus & Rita Jagpal-Mohan

Best Ensemble

Bob - Emma Pasarow, Dillon J Stücky, Talia Rose Goodman, Michael Bonini, Hugo Mejia

Honorable Mention: Ensemble

Life In The Blood - Chioma Juanita, Laide Sonola, Dele Bamgboye, Maryla Abraham, Dexter Carver

Best Cinematography

The Madness Store - Alex Guéry

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

Unseen: How We're Failing Parent Caregivers & Why It Matters - Tom Dyer

Best Editing

Creature - Larissa James

Honorable Mention: Editing

Puddle - Carter Thomas

Best Score

Unseen: How We're Failing Parent Caregivers & Why It Matters - Andrew Piland

Honorable Mention: Score

Pavilion - Eveshka Ghost

Best Song

Hot Bath An' A Stiff drink - Lot Like Me - Geoff H Levin, Aaron Edson

Best Sound Design

Creature - Tamara Johnson, Larissa James

Honorable Mention: Sound Design

For I Am Dead - David Ferral

Best Virtual Reality

Blue Tears - Hsiao-Yue Tsao

Best Costume Design

For I Am Dead - Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda

Best Trailer

Girl Forgotten: What Happened To Brianna Wells? - Dan Brown Jr

Best Commercial/Promotional Video

The Origin Story of the DA50 RG - Chris Aronoff, Annmarie Aronoff

Honorable Mention: Commercial/Promotional Video

Ebern - A new life begins - Christian Schu

Best Original Story

The Pixiestick Incident - Michael Henry

Honorable Mention: Original Story

Kurt Laughs - Nicolas James

Screenplay of the Month

Iniquity - Fatima Litim

Best Feature Screenplay

Star 69 - Michael Isaac Jacobs

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

Ratings War - Robert Haus

Best Short Screenplay

Cold Tommy - Janice L Walker

Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay

Youniverse - Justin Fontenot

Best Drama Screenplay

Iniquity - Fatima Litim

Best Comedy Screenplay

Owl - Katrina Jaxson

Best Dark Comedy Screenplay

The Burning Man - Jordan Andrew Oliver

Best Action Screenplay

Seven Arrows - Keith Copsin, Jeffrey B Wayne

Best Western Screenplay

Three For Hire: Revenge of the Mescalero Apache - Dan Burle

Best First Time Screenwriter

Who Killed Me - Qing Sun, Tingdong Zhang

Best Television Script

Downtown - Brian Edward Stone

Honorable Mention: Television Script

Dirty Revenge - Gary F St. Martin

Special Jury Award

Alex McKenna Series: Alex & Margaret's Beginning - Vicki-Ann Bush

Special Jury Award

Destination - Chen Lu

Special Jury Award

Growing Pains - Jingran Damo Yang

Trailer: Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis

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