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LAFA Winners - May 2021


Best Picture

The Ravine - Keoni Waxman, Robert Pascuzzi

Best Narrative Feature

The Ravine - Keoni Waxman, Robert Pascuzzi

Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature

MICerz - Omar Dzlieri

Best Narrative Short

Bird Feeder - Jack Fay

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

Barbershop - Im Yoon-Gi

Best Indie Feature

In Pieces - Louis Rayneau

Best Indie Short

NEA[R] - Gioele Fazzeri

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

At the End of the Day - Michelle Jasan

Best Drama

Bottled Up - Shannon Gibbs

Best Comedy

Four Minute Warning - Chris Hallas

Best Horror

House of Inequity - Josh Hale

Best Romance Film

Ode to an Inanimate Companion - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Sci-Fi

33 Floors - Chris Austen

Best Experimental Film

Never Die - Xue Song

Best Inspirational Film

Hope - Paulo Ferreira

Best Musical/Dance Film

Grand Cancan - Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov

Best Film Noir

Shift - Katie Cleese

Best Mystery Film

Gods - Martin Munthe

Best Fantasy Film

Ode to an Inanimate Companion - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Crime Film

Mountain - Yuwei Du, Chuanqi Liang, Zefan Wang

Best Action Film

Puncture - Erik Bergamini

Best Web/TV Pilot

Hudson Falls - Elias Plagianos

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Pilot

Beer Frontier - Marco Ortega

Best Web Series

Zoom Therapy - Layla Warren, Chris Warren, Jonno Roberts

Best Documentary Feature

Wildflower - Matt Smukler

Best Documentary Short

Kintsugi: Nagasaki - Candice Kumai, Carlos Garcia DeDios

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Inside Nigeria's push to end police brutality - Martin Asare Amankwa, Peace Hyde

Best Animation

Dr. Sun - Hsu Michael, Chen Jing Lian

Honorable Mention: Animation

Comming Together: Seminal Dating - Michael Alvarado

Best Music Video

Someone - Strange World - David Spearing, Tessa Rose Jackson

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Alone - Bonzie

Best Student Film

Mountain - Yuwei Du, Chuanqi Liang, Zefan Wang

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Best Microfilm

A Moment - Robert dos Santos

Honorable Mention: Microfilm

Entangled Animal - Christian Holm-Glad

Best Director

Shift - Katie Cleese

Honorable Mention: Director

Triptych - Quang Kien Van, Suki Mok

Best First Time Director (Feature)

In Pieces - Louis Rayneau

Best First Time Director (Short)

False Dawn - Remco Texer

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Puncture - Erik Bergamini

Best Indie Filmmaker

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

Travel - Train to Paradise - Tsai Tsai

Best Young Filmmaker

The Accomplice - Shawn Quek

Best Actor

The Ravine - Eric Dane

Honorable Mention: Actor

Bird Feeder - Howard Raik

Best Actress

The Ravine - Teri Polo

Honorable Mention: Actress

Bottled Up - Rowan Denis

Best Actor in an Indie Film

The Invite - Jonathan Wiggs

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Shift - Brianna Kellum

Best Supporting Actor

The Ravine - Peter Facinelli

Best Supporting Actress

Hudson Falls - Tara Westwood

Best Child Actor

Patio of Illusion - Mok Chun Him

Best Child Actress

Barbershop - Shin A-In

Best Duo

Bird Feeder - Howard Raik & Arlene Arnone

Best Ensemble

The Ravine - Eric Dane, Teri Polo, Peter Facinelli, Leslie Uggams, Byron Mann

Honorable Mention: Ensemble

Hudson Falls - Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht, William Sadler, Robert John Burke, Chike Okonkwo, Tara Westwood

Best Cinematography

Shift - Daniel Watt

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

The Ravine - Nathan Wilson

Best Score

The Ravine - James Murray

Honorable Mention: Score

Dr. Sun - Rabpit Studio, Cai Yaoren

Best Song

Ode to an Inanimate Companion - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Sound Design

Ode to an Inanimate Companion - Stephane Reichart, Stefano Civetta

Best Commercial

We Have Survived Nature For Ages - Christian Holm-Glad

Honorable Mention: Commercial

Zara Spec Commercial - FW 2020 Collection - David Nixon, Jr.

Best Original Story

Patio of Illusion - Mengmeng Chen

Honorable Mention: Original Story

Bird Feeder - Jack Fay

Screenplay of the Month

Mattress - Tracy Morse, Sophia Porter

Best Feature Screenplay

Mattress - Tracy Morse, Sophia Porter

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

G.O.D. OS - David Christopher Loya

Best Short Screenplay

The Golden Idol - Michael Anthony Alvarado

Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay

Guns A Blazing - Tiffany Colling

Best Drama Screenplay

Curious - Anthony DiVastanzo

Best Comedy Screenplay

The Furry Fortune - Justin Ward

Best Horror Screenplay

The Hand of God - Tony Acree, Sarah Gardiner

Best Thriller Screenplay

BFFs Never Say Die - K. Jennifer Ilagan

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Remote Witness - Amy Nicholls

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Postman - Anthony DiVastanzo

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Days Matter - Yuchen Huang

Best Television Script

Gloom - Leor Zinati

Honorable Mention: Television Script

The Greatest Generation - Jeremy Soto

The Ravine - Trailer

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Winners may order the official

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