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Film Review: 75

"75", directed by Joe Zappa

75 is an arresting, devastating drama about the heroin epidemic as it slithers it's way through 4 families, their therapist, & law enforcement officers in Cincinnati. It gives the viewer an astonishingly truthful fly-on-the-wall journey with wonderful writing & honest portrayals from an excellent ensemble cast. You feel like you're watching actual documentary footage, and it is horrifyingly painful at times. Rich, haunting, & extremely important storytelling.

Director Joe Zappa wove a beautiful, nuanced, and challenging story together, showing us the ugly but very human truth about the wrath of drug addiction. His vision was so well executed, he knew just how & when to drop us into revelatory & layered moments with each character. The subject matter is excruciating, and he didn't shy away from jumping in headfirst with his talented team, such brave work.

Written by Lisa Roumain, LAFA Lead Judge (June 2018)

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