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Juror in the Spotlight: Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle Stone is a Los Angeles based award-winning actress, who has starred in Lionsgate's "Speak No Evil", "Stray", "Zombie Killers" and "It Happened Again Last Night" (which she also wrote and directed).

In the following interview, Gabrielle shares her thoughts about acting, reveals which stories and subjects inspire her, and why she doesn't have a favorite genre.

Gabrielle, you're a Los Angeles native, the daughter of actor Christopher Stone and actress Dee Wallace. Clearly, you were brought up in a creative household. Interestingly enough, at first you didn't follow your parents' career path - you were more interested in dancing! Can you share a bit about that, and what made you change course to acting?

I think I always thought I wanted to be an actress but it wasn’t until I did my first film where I really fell in love with it and realized that’s what I wanted to do. I grew up dancing and playing sports, I really did a little bit of everything.

Did you take any acting lessons/workshops?

I’m always studying off and on to work on my craft and keep the joy of acting present in my life. Right now I’m at Warner Loughlin Studio.

How do you prepare for a role?

It really depends on the role. Some I feel I know immediately in which case I really just learn lines. Others that are more outside my comfort zone I’ll do more research on. Either way the technique I use is more about being in the moment.

Who are some of your favorite collaborators, and what did you learn from them?

I’ve worked with Roze three times now and we co-directed my short It Happened Again Last Night. I learned a tremendous amount from him and the collaborative experience. Our DP Jayson Crothers was also a huge influence on me. He even showed me ways to shoot things that I wasn’t initially a fan of.

Did you ever refuse to work on a project? If so, why?

I turn down projects here and there, just because the script is bad. There’s a lot of horror that gets sent my way that I pass on. Other times it’s scheduling conflicts.

In 2017 you wrote, produced, co-directed and starred in a short film - It Happened Again Last Night. Tell us about this experience. What is the inspiration for the movie, and how does this story resonate with you? Why do you think this story needs to be told?

I think domestic violence isn’t shown enough in our industry. I wanted to make this film to not only shine light on the subject, but I also have a lot of friends in the lgbtq community. I wanted to tell a story not of a “gay” or “lesbian” woman, but just a woman who happen to fall in love with her best friend. Because we’re all human and I think we as a society label things far too much. It was an incredible experience to shoot with such an amazing cast and crew and the success of it all has far surpassed my expectations.

In Linda Palmer's upcoming film, Cat Dexx, you play an ex-soldier who devotes herself to protecting the wildlife in Africa from poachers...and you play opposite a... lion! Can you share a bit about this unusual experience?

It was incredible. I was so stoked to be shooting with a lion but when we actually shot the scene it was incredibly intimidating. I love the story and the character so it was a lot of fun to bring it all to life.

You've done a lot of horror films but also appeared in drama, comedy and action roles. What is your favorite genre to work in, and what makes you passionate about it?

I don’t know if I have a favorite genre, I love them all for different reasons. The two comedies I got to shoot in 2016 were an absolute blast. I always love a good well written horror film. And I thrive in the drama genre. I love them all.

As an experienced actress and a lead judge at LA Film Awards, do you have any advice for young actors? And what is the best career advice you that ever received?

If you’re going to choose this career, make sure you love it and are passionate about it. Otherwise it just isn’t worth it. And keep your heart open.

What are some of your favorite movies? In your opinion, is there such a thing as a perfect movie? If so, can you give an example, and explain why you think this movie is perfect?

I think there are perfect movies within people personal opinions. No on will ever all agree on one specifically. My favorites are What Dreams May Come, Requiem For A Dream, Moulin Rouge, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Tell us about your next project. What's happening in 2018-2019?

I just finished writing a book that is in the very early stages of being looked at. My film The Competition with Chris Klein and Thora Birch just released, Deathhouse will be in theaters later this month, and Swell will be hitting the festival circuit sometime this year.


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