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LAFA Winners - December 2020


Best Picture

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Best Narrative Feature

The Colour of Spring - Paul Andrew Kimball

Best Narrative Short

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Honorable Mention: Narrative Short

The Remnant - Navin Ramaswaran

Best Indie Feature

Ezra and the Unicorn - Timothy A Coons

Best Indie Short

Star Child - Alex Guéry

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Bongo - Jacob Lallas

Best Drama

The Great Artist - Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Honorable Mention: Drama

Amazing Grace - Nina Brissey

Best Comedy

The Ultimate Showdown - Robert Bazzocchi, Thomas L. Colford

Honorable Mention: Comedy

Fairview - Sam Clark

Best Dark Comedy

Debt Men - Adam Brummond

Honorable Mention: Dark Comedy

The Secrets to a Happy Marriage - Brian Sacca

Best Horror

The Remnant - Navin Ramaswaran

Honorable Mention: Horror

Where Still Waters Lie - Adam O'Keeffe

Best Experimental Film

My heart is erasing - Joshua Ben-Dylan

Honorable Mention: Experimental Film

Felix’ Summer Box - Martijn Rijnberg

Best Inspirational Film

Together Live: Limiting Beliefs - Martina Savoca-Guay

Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film

Just Being There - Deanna Schultz

Best Musical/Dance Film

The Sun Inside - Luca Silvestrini, Roswitha Chesher, Andy Pink

Best Film Noir

Salsero in Purgatory - Antonio De La Cruz

Honorable Mention: Film Noir

Matare - Antonio De La Cruz

Best LGBTQ Film

Sand Land - Iven Tu

Honorable Mention: LGBTQ Film

Pretty Boy - Liu Qianhao

Best Fantasy Film

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Honorable Mention: Fantasy Film

Blood at the Root - Aj Lovelace

Best Crime Film

The Fixer - Michael Schilf

Best Web/TV Pilot

The University - Juliana Roth

Best TV Series

Trending Today - James Desir, Brad Bode

Best Web Series

All In 3: A Fikowski & Vellner Documentary - S.J. Finlay

Honorable Mention: Web Series

Tango of Imaginary Friends - Laura McCampbell Copan, Rui Niu

Best Documentary Feature

The Sporting Bubble - Peter Dickson

Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature

WineLine - Rick Cavaggion

Best Documentary Short

Story of the Opal - Rick Cavaggion

Honorable Mention: Documentary Short

The hunt for sea's black gold - Erik Akervall

Best Animation

QingFeng Wu - Spaceman - Muh Chen

Honorable Mention: Animation

Heinous Fly Trap - Craig Lew

Best Music Video

S.H.E. - 17 - Muh Chen

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Justin Jesso - The End - Timon Birkhofer

Best Student Film

Summer Revenge - Fang Weihan

Honorable Mention: Student Film

A Score in the Vinyl - Errol Sullivan, Atticus Fehr

Best Microfilm

Taipei Music Center - Muh Chen

Honorable Mention: Microfilm

Masks - Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

Best Director (Feature)

The Colour of Spring - Paul Andrew Kimball

Best Director (Short)

Ali's Realm - Mario Torres Jr

Honorable Mention: Director (Short)

Miss Boundless - Qiyu Zhou

Best First Time Director (Short)

The Ultimate Showdown - Robert Bazzocchi, Thomas L. Colford

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Short)

The Fixer - Michael Schilf

Best Indie Filmmaker

Obsession - Ariana Malik

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

Navigation - Young Eun Kim

Best Young Filmmaker

Symbiosis - Tae Wook Kim

Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker

Holding the Rope - Harlow Schuman

Best Actor

The BIG Rant - Poorva Wachh

Honorable Mention: Actor

The Great Artist - Matthew Postlethwaite

Best Actress

Ali's Realm - Nicole Elizabeth Berger

Honorable Mention: Actress

The Colour of Spring - Alexa Morden

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Bongo - Robert Fleet

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Satiety - Anna Rust

Best Supporting Actor

Ali's Realm - Mark Webber

Best Supporting Actress

The Colour of Spring - Ellie Heydon

Best Young Actress

P98's Waltz Of The Flower - Kyleigh Bakker

Best Duo

Amazing Grace - Robert Craighead & Nina Brissey

Honorable Mention: Duo

Debt Men - Travis Myers & Alex Desért

Best Cinematography

The Remnant - Russ De Jong

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

Star Child - Alex Guéry

Best Score

The Great Artist - Richi Carter

Honorable Mention: Score

Story of the Opal - Sarah-Jane Rohrsheim

Best Sound Design

The Remnant - George Flores

Honorable Mention: Sound Design

Ali's Realm - Niko Zasimczuk

Inspiring Woman in a Film

Gözde The Fighter - Gozde Kirdar

Best Visual Effects

QingFeng Wu - Spaceman - Muh Chen

Honorable Mention: Visual Effects

Ra's Metanoia - Rudra Alladi, Krishna Guntupalli

Best Virtual Reality

Filling Spaces - Shachar Kantor

Best Costume Design

Ali's Realm - Michael Bevins

Best Commercial

Adidas 2020 CNY - Muh Chen

Screenplay of the Month

Ten Commands - Girault Seger

Best Feature Screenplay

Ten Commands - Girault Seger

Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay

The Death of Jeremy - David Seader

Best Short Screenplay

Totally Teagan - Alyssa Carroll

Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay

People, Places, and Things - Judy Litman

Best Drama Screenplay

Flame - Derek McDaniel

Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay

Woodpusher - Isaac Ballesteros

Best Comedy Screenplay

Shane and Ivy - We're Eloping to Vegas - Sandra Gregory

Best Dark Comedy Screenplay

The Player - Larry 'Doc' Sportello

Best Romance Screenplay

The Magician's Assistant - Caledonia Hanson

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Splicer - Shayne Eastin

Best Fantasy Screenplay

Monsterly - Damian Wampler

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

A Son’s Gift - Michele Bell

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Only Boy in New York - Robyn Gudgell

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Motor Inn - Michael Hurley

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Short)

Starling - Logan Bauer

Best Television Script

Walls&Balls - Kenneth Klein, Irwin Hahn

Honorable Mention: Television Script

Witchborne - Malek Haneen

The Great Artist - Trailer


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