Harry Greenberger


Director Harry Greenberger wrote and directed a wonderful film…I loved this movie.


The juxtaposition of Harry Greenberger’s scripted version of events of how life occurs within this Ascetic Jewish family and how Tasha Segal (Taylor Rose) and Edie Glasers (Jill Shackner) new life unfolds enables viewers to experience the real possibilities on how repression can lead to drastic measures.


Greenberger’s film follows two bright, prickly teenage 16-year-old girls (Rose and Shackner), questioning everything about their religious upbringing these girls escape a complex home/religious situation by stealing a car to run away from New York and go West…to end up with major self realization in Phoenix, Arizona.


An insightful, original take on the coming-of-age story…this film is brave and bold and in doing so arrives at a poignant emotional truth replete with well balanced and savvy stable of actors.


Written by: Les Brandt, LAFA Lead Judge (July 2018)


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"It felt like everyone believed in this film as much as I did, and that lifts you up" - Read this interview with Harry Greenberger


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