Director: Charles Grenier, Writer: Sarah Pellerin, Producer:  Carolyne Boucher


Georges Is Dead follows a dramatic curve in six episodes of about ten minutes each. The series, focusing on unlikely encounters between an assortment of characters, tells a story in which closeness, tension and conflict lead to reflections on friendship between men, friendship between men and women, and friendship, period. Packed with humour and tragedy, Georges Is Dead is sure make you laugh & cry.

Étienne (Simon Larouche), a salesclerk at a sporting goods store in a Montreal suburb, is reeling from the loss of someone extremely important to him, a central part of his social and personal life – his best friend Georges (Guillaume Laurin). Lonely and depressed, Étienne is struggling to drag himself out of his grieving haze, much to the annoyance of Peter (Marc Beaupré), the manager at the store, who gives him an ultimatum to cheer up, or take a break from work. With Valérie (Fanny Rainville), a colorful, spirited and bubbly colleague who is always eager to help out by his side, Étienne meets Clara (Sarah Pellerin) a cynical, politically engaged multidisciplinary artist who is secretly working on a documentary on Western masculinity stereotypes. Opportunistic, Clara sees in Étienne the perfect subject for her film, and offers to help him find a new best friend. Throughout their adventures, a mysterious young man, Jo Beaulieu (Jean-Carl Boucher), spies on the trio and follows them everywhere. He carries a great secret: The double life Georges led before he passed.

The fast-paced hilarious comedy series, created by Carolyne Boucher (Producer) Charles Grenier (Director) and brilliant writer Sarah Pellerin - is an absolute delight. It's a perfect combination of tragedy and humor, very relatable and entertaining. We enjoyed following the adventures, twists and dramatic journey of the well-rounded, colorful characters. Valerie - portrayed by Fanny Rainville won our hearts- but the entire ensemble delivered excellent performances. Do yourself a favor, and find out more about the double life Georges led before he passed away. You won't regret it! 

Georges is Dead won LAFA Best Picture award in May 2019. 




About the director:


After a college degree in Communication, Charles Grenier moved to Montreal to complete a major in Film Production and a minor in Philosophy at Concordia University. Thriving to tell stories in the most honest way, he is primarily concerned with human contradictions and anxieties of social, professional and personal performance. Also an accomplished professional editor, Charles directed in 2013 his first independent short film, Waterproof, and in the same year he received a grant from the Arts Council of Quebec for the movie Chelem. In 2017 he shot his latest short film The Worm and directed his first web series, Georges Is Dead, in 2018.

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