Spotlight: An Interview with Julie Deffet and Esther Sophia Artner ("Fire in Water")

LAFA Best Picture winner (January 2020), Fire in Water, is a powerful short film about a couple in their 60s, Sofia and Olivier, who are enjoying their regular vacation, the routine of daily life has become second nature. She takes care of him and the house, he is rarely present physically but also mentally and emotionally . When Olivier is denied the career promotion he worked for his whole life, he wakes up, he sees Sofia and decides to change his attitude towards her. Destabilized by his sudden change of attitudes, Sofia experiences the space to face her struggle, the loss of her purpose and she finally breaks through the delusions of their relationship and by her path by frantically pain

Spotlight: An Interview with Chadaporn Mitinunwong ("The Gifted Ones")

Chadaporn, we're excited to learn more about you today! Before we begin, tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and what sparked your interest in storytelling? Hi, I’m Charaporn Mitinunwong, Bangkok native. At the time I was deeply interested in 3D design and artistry, primarily cinematographic effects. I had a 10 year tenure as an understudy of a renowned director of animation. Under his tutelage I learned to understand not only the cinematics, but how they can be used to tell a story of each character arc and was attuned to the approaches of the different directors. To this end, I moved to California to continue my studies of modern Film and Television. I was fascinated by it

Spotlight: An interview with Konstantinos Pateronis ("Fatal Perfection")

Konstantinos, it's a pleasure to learn more about your creative journey! As a past winner at LAFA, we're excited to see your excellent development as a storyteller and a filmmaker. In one of our chats a couple of years back, we were talking about your screenplay for Fatal Perfection, and it's wonderful to see it coming to life! Before we begin, could you please introduce briefly yourself? Where are you from, and what were some of your first steps into the world of storytelling? I am from Elefsina, Greece and started my first steps in my filmmaking career in 2011, when I wrote and directed my first two short films ”20th Century Fox” and ”Too Broke to Live”, while still in High School. In 2012

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