"Be loyal to your vision, but stay open minded. Your cast & crew might be very helpful as a

Michael Vaynberg is a Russian screenwriter and director. After a successful career in the Russian film industry, he moved to NYC where he taught a Theatrical Directing Program at New York Film Academy. Most recently, Michael wrote and directed a psychological thriller/drama “9.8 m/s”, which has premiered at Cannes Film Festival, has been selected to Sundance International Film Festival, was sold to 4 European countries and won two awards at LAFA. Currently, Michael is in pre-production for a new TV show produced by Netflix and two Independent Feature Films with A-List Hollywood actors. Meet a super-busy filmmaker who doesn't have a tip about dealing with stress and busy schedule ("If I knew

"Music has the power to bring us all together peacefully around the world"

Amanda Abizaid is an American Lebanese singer/songwriter based in LA. Her song "Walking in Twos" feat. Stephen Stills recently won the Honorable Mention: Song award at LAFA. We asked Amanda to join us for an interview, and met an inspiring human being who uses her art to make a difference in the world ("I hope to inspire and encourage World Peace through my continued efforts writing songs with positive messages"). ​Amanda, congratulations on winning the Honorable Mention: Song for Walking In Twos! Let's talk about your multi-cultural background. Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, to an American mom and a Lebanese/ Mexican dad, what music were you listening to as a child? Thank you! It’s fantasti

"My films can jump from drama to action and then to tragedy unexpectedly. Just like life"

Konstantinos Pateronis grew up in Elefsina, Greece. Since the young age of six years old, he has been fascinated by cinema and the different worlds and stories one can create through movies. His main influences are Theo Angelopoulos, Lars Von Trier, Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola. He has attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where he earned his BFA in Filmmaking in 2017. Konstantinos has directed many short films both in Greek and English, including "All or Nothing" (2017), "The Last Funeral" (2017) and "Fatal Perfection", which recently won an Honorable Mention: Screenplay Short at LAFA. Based on the Myth of Narcissus, Fatal Perfection is a story about Ancient Greece tha

"As a filmmaker, I need to be 100% open to embracing this unplanned magic called happenstance&q

Ann Huang is a filmmaker who specializes in experimental films. In her latest film, "The Pines of Spring", the dreamscapes of a director and her protagonist juxtapose as the life and fate of both women take their toll, merging on and off screen through waves of cinema. The Pines of Spring recently won an Honorable Mention: Experimental Film, and was nominated for Best Editing at LAFA. Ann, congratulations on your award! We'll talk about The Pines of Spring, your new film, shortly, but first please tell us what else have you been up to. Are you working on additional projects at the moment? Thank you! Yes, we are in the post-production phase of our fourth film, Sparse. Let's talk about your la

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