Juror in the Spotlight: Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle Stone is a Los Angeles based award-winning actress, who has starred in Lionsgate's "Speak No Evil", "Stray", "Zombie Killers" and "It Happened Again Last Night" (which she also wrote and directed). In the following interview, Gabrielle shares her thoughts about acting, reveals which stories and subjects inspire her, and why she doesn't have a favorite genre. Gabrielle, you're a Los Angeles native, the daughter of actor Christopher Stone and actress Dee Wallace. Clearly, you were brought up in a creative household. Interestingly enough, at first you didn't follow your parents' career path - you were more interested in dancing! Can you share a bit about that, and what made you change

"Many people thought I could only shoot 'kid films', just because I’m a woman"

Hande Türkel​ is a talented filmmaker from Turkey, who has already directed over 50 commercials. Recently, Hande's debut film, Akide, won Best Picture award at LAFA. In the following interview, Hande takes us behind the scenes of Akide, shares her thoughts about the film industry as a female filmmaker ("things have changed"), and admits she doesn't like the positive discrimination toward women. Congratulations on winning Best Picture with Akide! Let's start from the beginning. Tell us about your early childhood... You were born in Erzurum, went to elementary school in Çanakkale, then Ahmet Yesevi Highschool in Eskişehir. Was this a creative environment? When did you become interested in fi

"If you feel you have an amazing story that must be told, don't wait!"

Some people were born to win big. When Jarek Marszewski started writing his second feature film, Bikini Blue, he knew that the story would be challenging for an independent film. He also knew that he had an amazing Post War dramatic story, and wasn't willing to give up on it. This was a film that needed to be made. Jarek bought a Blackmagic 4K camera, found the DOP, got a motorcycle, collected a number of other props and was determined to make it happen. Three years later, it paid off. Bikini Blue has been winning one festival after another, including the LAFA Best of Fest 2017, New York Film Awards Best of Fest 2017 and Festigious International Film Festival Best of Fest 2017. The LAFA Pre

Juror in the Spotlight: Shannon Brown

See that smile? Any time Shannon Brown enters the room, he fills it up with positive energy. His colleagues praise him and describe an incredibly pleasant experience working with him. Brown is an award-winning actor and producer, who has starred in upwards of 100 projects, ranging from short and feature films to commercial and stage. After winning Best Actor at the Actors Awards Los Angeles, Festigious International Film Festival and LAFA, Shannon has become a juror at the Los Angeles Film Awards. So what's his secret weapon? In the following interview, Shannon takes us behind the scenes of his recent projects, shares his thoughts about acting and filmmaking, and reveals why he never asks hi

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