"Inspiration comes from feelings derived from my authentic experiences"

Winner of First Time Director at the LA Film Awards, Jae Won Jung, is a highly gifted, innovative screenwriter and director based in Seoul, South Korea. Her latest work, Shadow, is an artistic film that examines the meaning of existence through the main character's monologues on life and death. In the following interview, Jung shares her inspirations and her unique creative process making thought-provoking films. We find it intriguing that you majored in law as an undergrad, and became a filmmaker. Tell us about your first steps into the film world. How did it begin for you? Photography and films have been my passion ever since I was in University. After graduating from School of Law from Yo

"I wanted to see what would happen with that kind of freedom, without a script"

Our latest Best Picture winner, "Bonsai", is a minimalistic post-apocalyptic drama that stays in your heart. Thanks to the natural performances and unique chemistry between the lead actors, Bonsai stands out and brings a fresh story about two people who have been left alone in the world for two years. In the following interview, Ignacio F. Rodó, director of Bonsai, takes us "behind the scenes", and reveals his technique with Bonsai - working with no script, giving his actors a complete freedom to tell the story. Ignacio, you are able to weave in and out of many genres and styles: directing thrillers, one-minute films, love stories, dramedy, advertising, documentary, experimental films. Why d

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