"I wanted to make the viewers feel they watch something between dream and reality"

Although people love comedies, it's rare that a comedy wins a major award that is not related to the genre. Most of the "Best Picture" winners (and nominees) are touching dramas, and filmmakers who make comedies need to find a way to stand out. Our big winner of July, Once Upon a Dream (M'aime pas en rêve), is a beautiful romantic comedy, directed by Anthony Nion. This short film managed to become one of those rare comedies that can beat drama. Once Upon a Dream was our judging team's favorite film, and won four awards: Film of the Month, Best Comedy, Best Director and Best Actress (Sarah Brunel). We asked Anthony to join us for an interview about his work, and share some of the challenges a

"I was waiting for the right moment to tell the right story"

Our knockout winner of August, Human, is a highly recommended sci-fi film, directed by Patrick Ryder. We asked Patrick to join us for an interview about his work, and share some of the challenges and thoughts he had while creating this outstanding short. What were some of the challenges you had when creating Human? The biggest challenge with this film was the robot suit itself. Creating something that was not only believable but practical too. So the mechanics of the suit made sense for it's surroundings and it's purpose. Myself and Alex Phillips looked at several designs and ideas for the the face structure, the use of lights and some of the key components to make it stand out. I suppose th

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